Serenity keeps you safe while you are driving your ride share vehicle or any other transportation vehicle via our specialized safety technology.

Oh, and you or your company can earn extra income.

For about 5 minutes of work, you can earn extra money and give yourself peace of mind.  

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Imagine having the peace of mind to drive your ride share without the worry of what might happen during your shift.  Our specialized tablet and mount easily go into any vehicle and keep a record of every single ride.  The onboard camera in the tablet records an image every 5-seconds to ensure the safety of driver and passenger.  The data is encrypted, and only accessible by law enforcement.  



Earn extra revenue by doing what you set out to do in the first  While our tablet is keeping you safe, it's padding your wallet.  We work with networks of local and national advertisers to present relevant ads to the passengers in your vehicle.  You as the driver earn a percentage of the revenue the ads generate when they get delivered to your passenger. 



This is all so simple.  If approved, here is what happens:

1. we send you a tablet & mount.

2. you install the tablet in your ride share car (takes about 2 min).

3. you drive as usual.

4. you are safer because the ride is on record.

5. you are richer because the ads being shown to your passengers earn you extra money!

6. enjoy your peace of mind, enjoy your extra cash.